At the Organization for Social Media Safety, we work with elected officials at all levels of government to implement public policies to keep social media safe for everyone. 

Jordan’s Law

In 2016, Jordan Peisner was viciously attacked outside a fast food restaurant by another teen he did not know.  Jordan suffered serious, life-long physical injuries and could not return to school for the remainder of the school year.  Jordan also suffered emotional trauma upon learning that his attack was filmed and uploaded to social media where it has now been viewed by thousands of people.  

Determined to ensure that no other family had to endure such an ordeal, Jordan’s father, Ed Peisner, formed the Organization for Social Media Safety and began researching how to help.  He was astonished to learn that since the early 2000s social media motived violence, or attacks initiated to be filmed and distributed on social media for the purpose of gaining internet fame, had risen exponentially each year.  So, the Organization for Social Media Safety set to work on public policy advocacy to stop this disturbing trend.  Incredibly, within only a year, the California legislature, working closely with the Organization for Social Media Safety, passed the nation’s first law, AB 1542, to deter social media motivated violence.  The law was aptly called Jordan’s Law.

Jordan’s Law Videos

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