As I sit here in the hospital with my ex-wife, I noticed that my tears haven’t stopped appearing.  I am using this crying as a form of therapy; to help heal my broken heart.   I wonder how my son’s life might now be changed…forever!  I wonder if the 15 year old boy who did this realizes the effect of his premeditated action.  So many thoughts running through my head that my fingers feel paralyized on the keyboard.   I have found that the only thing that is helpful to me is to write and use this platform to open up about my broken heart and heavy feelings.  I am trying to turn my feelings of anger, rage and hate away and focus on feelings of love and healing.  I have received hundreds of messages and prayers from a community that has opened up right before my eyes.  I must now return the favor and pray for each of you. I pray you never have to experience anything like this. I pray you hug your children every single day. I pray you tell your kids you love them always and often. I pray you put your children before everything material. I pray you have the strength to offer love instead of hatred. I pray we can make heaven on earth a reality. I pray for you all as you have so selflessly prayed for me and my family. Thank you for letting me vent. Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad