Jordan just had another cat scan which shows the hematoma to be about the same size. His ear drum is still not visible due to the swelling/tearing but the fantastic news is that he has regained some of his hearing and the specialist said that greatly reduces his need for surgery. The fracture was on his temporal bone which is extremely strong and will take time to heal but it should fully heal.

As for Jordan, he ate his first meal today and the physical therapist had him walking and he looked great. He still is experiencing very bad headaches which we have been told will be a long term issue. Again, the road to a full recovery is long and must be traveled extremely slowly but we are beyond hopeful that Jordan will return to his energetic, loving, kind self. I believe the outpouring of prayers and love has been an integral part in Jordan’s recovery. For this, I cannot find the words thank you all but I will never stop trying to find them. I LOVE you all.

Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad