I took Jordan for his first appointment at the Children’s Hospital concussion clinic today. The doctors and nurses were, as expected, wonderful. This was followed up by another brain scan (MRI) to check on the clot and brain tissue (and some other things I didn’t quite understand). The doctor from the concussion clinic reviewed the notes from the neurologist at the hospital where he was cared for and had to tell Jordan that he’ll probably never skate or ride a bike or do anything that involves wheels under his feet. Not to mention no contact sports. She was very kind and told Jordan about some of her other patients that played football but had to give up their sport due to a concussion. She went on and told Jordan how some of these big, burly football players reinvented themselves and now play sports like swimming, golf, tennis, etc. She had a very warm heart and was very caring in the way that she delivered this news.

As an adult, this is very hard for me to understand and process. But my heart is breaking for what Jordan must be feeling and how he will process this . I know he is so strong and always tries to wear a smile and I know we will get through this but a part of me, as small as it may be, died when I heard that news. I believe in living in the now and the future is unknown and maybe someday he will be able to do those things again. I will always remain cautiously optimistic. I am and will be forever #jordanstrong

Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad