Someone recently said to me, “I can’t understand how bad you must feel but do you really think you’re going to make a difference?”

I appreciate the question and I can see how some people might feel as if it is a waste of time, however, I feel it is my responsibility as a citizen, parent and human being to make a difference and that is exactly what I WILL do. And much to my surprise, I am not alone in my belief that there MUST be accountability! I wanted to share a sampling of the thousands of messages I have received from people all over the world after they signed our PETITION:

Kathi D, Windsor Heights, IA
Something needs to be done about violence and crime especially to children. My goal would be that children or adults that participate in this not only be held to consequences but also have to take a lengthy program teaching others to act with kindness to gain public notice–not hurting and humiliating others.

Georgia, Cape Town, South Africa
I’m signing because I am a teen myself and have seen cyber bulling and have been cyber bullied before, action needs to be taken and I hope Jordan has recovered well.

Michelle, Chula Vista, CA
I’m a mom of three. I encourage my kids to be true to who they are. Bullies fear individuals who are unique and talented in ways they themselves can’t achieve. My heart breaks when I hear stories like this.

Scott, Hanover, PA
Every action has a consequence, and we need to protect those who are being bullied (even via social media).

Ashley, East Jordan, MI
This type of stuff needs to be stopped. People should be able to feel safe and they can’t not even in their safe spaces.

Mark, Los Angeles, CA
I have two boys and this could have easily been them. There has to be some accountability for recording violent acts specifically designed to be posted on social media. Glad Ed Peisner is starting the conversation.

Shawna, Shirley, IN
ZERO TOLERANCE!! I think the parents of the ones doing the bullying should too be held responsible…you are your environment! Not saying all parents but the ones who know it’s being done and do nothing about their child.

Gail, Warren, MI
Technology can ruin us if it is allowed to be abused.

Walter, Malibu, CA
I’m signing because social media should be a safe place to socialize and to make friends not a tool to glorify violence or to bully people.

Velvet, Australia
It’s just so heartbreaking to hear this story. Why would anyone want to injure some innocent teen so badly for nothing. Bullying affects so many lives in this world, but only the kindness of people see that. #JordanStrong

Gloria, North Miami Beach, FL
I feel so strongly against bullying and it seems I’m hearing about it more frequently than ever.

Anita, Stuttgart, Germany
Together we can make a change. I am a survivor of cyber bullying and stalking.

Ashlee, Grayslake, IL
I am signing because I think it is ridiculous that this is the route that kids and social media take. Kids need to learn to work together not bully one another to the point of no return.

Sarah, Australia
My heart hurts for what has happened to Jordan, and something dramatically needs to change to prevent such ugly and appalling behaviour from ever happening again. For anyone to think that this level of violence is acceptable, let alone sharing such a thing for entertainment purposes, is completely and utterly sick and very unsettling. And why do they possibly think its ok? Because there are no consequences to their actions. Tougher laws and penalties need to apply to bullying of ALL forms. We need to protect our loved ones.

Tony Hawk, Encinitas, CA
I have zero tolerance for bullying and this is a step in the right direction, to raise awareness and demand accountability. “This aggression will not stand”

Renee, Holts Summit, MO
Where was the National NEWS coverage on this? Senseless, I wonder what kind of person thinks this is ok? #JORDANSTRONG… God will guide your path to the greatness you deserve. there are many of us praying for you.

Sharon, Moonachie, NJ
There needs to be accountability for doing nothing to stop or report violence, abuse and bullying that witness is recording on film.
Immediate 911 call record should be required on their phone used to film or they have charges brought against them as accessory to crime!