So I’m sitting here at Starbucks taking a break from reality as my ex-wife is home with Jordan.  As much as I know she is a great Mom and Jordan is in good hands, my every thought is on him. I’m in a constant state of anticipation; is she going to call? Should I stay close to home just in case? Guess when you have a life changing experience, these thoughts are normal. A friend told menot to forget to take care of myself but I’m having a pretty hard time doing that. I know it’s only been a week but it feels like a lifetime. And the guilt I feel that my other two kids have been overlooked during this nightmare is weighing on me like an anchor. My beautiful little girl is confused and scared and I need to be there and help her; I love her so much. And my oldest boy, he too needs a father. How is he processing this? Once again I am left with so many questions that will remain unanswered. So here I sit, watching people come and go. Life moves on one step at a time.  Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad