Before I head off to an early bed, I just wanted to thank everyone that has reached out to me and sent prayers and well wishes for my son’s recovery. Today was a good day and Jordan was able to visit his friends and feel the love that I have been feeling from you all!

Although I am eternally optimistic, I am cautious of what is around the corner and will take each step very slowly (with Jordan’s hand in mine). I was thinking about what I heard while at the hospital, “every brain injury is like a snowflake.” Such a simple statement but those seven words have changed my life… forever.

As I sit here trying to put the pieces together and figure out what to do first, that quote keeps popping in my head. The more I think about it, the more I begin to realize that we are all like snowflakes; each one of us uniquely different. But then it starts to dawn on me, what happens when all those uniquely different snowflakes land. One by one, they cover the ground blanketing the land in a beautiful quilt of oneness. No two snowflakes alike, side by side, all from the same source. Why can’t we do the same? Wishing everyone a very restful night.

Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad