The last two hours I watched and listened to my son moaning and crying in pain because his head hurts when he tries to sleep. So I think to myself, “but he seemed pretty good today”? That’s when the reality hits me – our lives were changed within a few seconds. A few seconds! A coward decided to
use hate and violence for a few seconds of social media attention and my son has to deal with it forever. Social media can help and social media can destroy.  The cowardly act perpetrated on my son shows the disgusting side of social media. Teenagers inflicting pain on someone for entertainment purposes. An act that crushed my soul; broke me as a human being. But social media also led to the renewal of my faith in the human spirit.

I have lived in the West San Fernando Valley for over 20 years.  Since my children began elementary school I have always tried to have an involvement in their lives.  PTO member, room parent, chaperone, volunteer, etc. However, this merely connected me to them and some of their teachers. Not that it is a bad thing but my connection to the community was fairly basic. Well that was what I thought until this tragic event happened.  The overwhelming support that I have received from my friends as well as total strangers has changed me forever.  And not just from my community but strangers from one side of the country to the other.  The perpetrators of this disgusting act might have used social media to gain popularity among a few of their social media connections but little did they know that it would be used to unite a community.  I know the internet and social media are here to stay and I know we all use it; that will never change. But parents (and I include myself in this) please help teach your children that the world of social media doesn’t really exist.  It is a fairy tale land. A land of make-believe. And please teach your kids to use social media to help build someone up instead of destroying them. The fact that there is something called cyber-bullying makes me sick.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Get involved.  Stay engaged. Lead by example.  Thanks again for allowing me to use social media as a way to process the thoughts rushing though my head.  I can say without doubt that I am changed forever!  Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad