My amazing, strong, kind, beautiful boy is finally sleeping peacefully. First time in a week he hasn’t moaned or groaned from a headache. For this I am truly thankful. Hopefully this will continue throughout the night thus allowing us to go home soon. The rest of this update is about YOU.

That’s right, each and every one of you selfless, amazing, kind, generous, warmhearted, souls that have enter my life in a time of despair. I wish there was a way to reach out to everyone individually but that might take too long (although I might try anyway). I always used to think that you pick your path, go down that road and that is life. This life changing event taught me that sometimes the path picks you. I have never seen such an outpouring of love and support. Complete strangers have shown up with food for us. An amazing Rabbi stopped by tonight to bring us get well cards his students made. People have called me to make sure we have food at home, ready to eat, so I can focus on just being their for Jordan. I’ve received offers of free dog walking, tutoring, housecleaning, and more.

All of this selflessness was the result of a brutal crime. So…can a silver lining be found in every cloud? I’ve received 100’s of emails that all began the same way. Dear Ed, you don’t know me but… I cannot count the number of times I have cried in the last week but I am fairly certain I cried while I read each of these emails.

So what happens now? Jordan will eventually go home and life will begin to get back to normal (although we now have a “new normal”). What about all the people that felt compelled to write to me because of what happened. Will you still believe so much in an anti-bullying cause in a month from now. This answer HAS TO BE YES. I will be attending the Cool 2B Kind march on December 17th to help bring awareness to bullying and social media bullying. I would love to see everyone who sent me an email, text or call, come to the walk. Before I end this, I wanted to make sure I have said this one more time , “thank you all for my renewed faith in humanity”.

Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad