One week ago my life was changed and I never saw it coming. I’ve asked myself so many times if there was something I could have done differently that would have prevented it. What if i picked him up earlier. What if he went to a different place. What if, what if, what if. Logically I know you cannot ask these questions but they just keep firing in my head, like the pistons in an engine. One after another after another. Today was the first day I noticed things were different. Not big things to an outsider but to me they were monumental. Yet I am comforted knowing that things could have been so much worse. There are so many questions that I want answered and I know I will never have those answers. All I want to do is wrap my arms around Jordan and tell him that this was all a bad dream and everything will be back to normal tomorrow but I can’t, because this is the new normal. And how can I help him understand what is going on inside him. I’ve been told to get ready to hear, “oh, wow he looks great” and to try and understand that this is a normal response. I should accept that and smile. But I see the slight changes and sadly, I now think Jordan does to. They call it the The Invisible Injury – the unknown is terrifying. I am dedicated to stand by my son, hand in hand and comfort him -to make this new normal feel normal.  I have dedicated my life to fatherhood with all the ups and downs that come with it.  I will be the difference in my child’s life.  I will be strong and love all my children for this has always been my dream. Yes, a new path has found me and I will walk it with pride.  However, it did not replace my old path of fatherhood; the roads merely merged together. Thanks for letting me open up and share my thoughts with you.  Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad.