I have to begin this update by thanking everyone for the overwhelming love and support we have received.  I cannot get through one message without tears flowing down my face; I have never felt such an amount of love before.  For this I am truly a blessed human being.  Now on to the medical update.  To quote the neurologist; “Jordan is not out of the woods but he is on the right path”.  His brain bleed seems to have stopped and the hematoma has not increased in size. We are now waiting and watching for neurological improvements versus declines.  His skull fracture should heal in time.  We are waiting for a ENT surgical consult to see how bad the ruptured ear drum is and what course of action we will be taking. This is now just the beginning as the road to complete recovery will be long and challenging but my son is a fighter and he amazes me every day.  As you can imagine, it has been hard for me to reply to everyone that has sent me messages and called.  Just making it through a call without crying is a challenge for me.   From the bottom of my heart, I love you all – your prayers have helped heal Jordan as well to help my broken heart.  

Sincerely, Jordan’s Dad