Who We Are/History

Who We Are

The Organization for Social Media Safety is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making social media safe for everyone.

As the world of social media has exploded so have incidences of cyberbullying, violence, harassment, trafficking, democracy tampering, and privacy invasion, among other threats. SMS provides protection from all these threats and works to detect and respond to new threats as they arise.

SMS takes a comprehensive approach to social media safety by:

  • educating consumers on safe social media practices
  • advocating for public policies that protect social media consumers
  • and developing technology to provide real-time protection from social media-related threats.

SMS was founded by Ed Peisner in 2017 after his teenage son Jordan was viciously assaulted in West Hills, CA. The attack was filmed and uploaded to social media by an associate of the attacker. Jordan was left with serious and life-long injuries from the assault. Ed formed SMS with the goal of ensuring that no other family had to endure such a terrible ordeal.

With patient determination, Ed set to work on public policy advocacy and grassroots engagement. Incredibly, within only a year, California, because of Ed’s hard work, passed the nation’s first law to deter social media motivated violence, or attacks initiated to be filmed and distributed on social media for the purpose of gaining internet notoriety. The law was aptly called Jordan’s Law.

After a successful year of advocacy, Ed realized the true scope and depth of the threats coming from social media use and the absence of any organization really dedicated exclusively to social media-related risks. So, in 2018, SMS expanded its mission becoming an independent and non-partisan social media watchdog and consumer protection organization.